Is the Objective Identity?

I just finished reading the article “The Electric Self: Doing Virtual Research for Real in Second Life” by Julie Rak, . She claims that the objective of Second Life is identity. Is it? For those who use Second Life for socialization, I would accept that as a valid assertion. However, what about those who use SL for business or educational reasons? Have I developed an identity for my avatar? Yes, I will agree with that, however, I am not sure that it was my main purpose. My main purpose was to research the possibilities of virtual worlds. I will admit, to do so I had to develop an identity.

Rak also called it representational reality and later used the word fiction. I admit this one ruffled my feathers. Fiction? Representational? I beg your pardon! Yet when I examine my avatar she is certainly a representation of myself and not actually myself. I refer to her in the third person, and I certainly do not look like she does. She has a Barbiezed body and a sultry walk. I find it amusing.

I will concede that there is some representational aspects and some fiction. I am not comfortable with that wording as I have enough troubles convincing my colleagues that SL is not a game. Or is it?


~ by jenymn on November 3, 2009.

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