What is your library worth?

I was reading American Libraries Direct when I stumbled across this article. Valuing Library Services Calculator. My first thought was “How cool! How can I use this to determine the value of a virtual library?”  This would be great data to show the powers-that-be or to include in an article.  Then I looked at their formula.  It is all based on the cost of the item!  For our library in Second Life, we are using free open-access resources.  Most of the educational tools in Second Life are also free, so our value using this calculator was a whopping $90.  I don’t think so. (I did not take into account classes we will be teaching.)

I have saved this page in my Zotero account (which by the way is free) to look at later.  The answer may be to use their model of assigning retail value to things such as reference or offering a class.  Question is, how do I find the retail value?


~ by jenymn on June 21, 2009.

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