Cloud Computing

When I first heard about ‘the cloud’ I was very excited. It would solve the huge problem of being locked to a specific computer to work on a project, or worse, relying on the flash drive which always seemed to be where I was not. However, as the blush of excitement wore off, questions began to emerge.

  1. How secure is my data? Can hackers easily get to it?
  2. How private is my data? Is it going to be mined?
  3. How volatile are the data service centers or ‘the cloud’?  Are they fly-by-night operations?
  4. How do I back-up my data?
  5. What type of access does the government now have to my data?  They don’t seem to have to serve a warrant to me, just a subpoena to the data center which can’t even notify me that they gave the law enforcement access to my data.

The article, Where is the cloud? Geography, economics, environment, and jurisdiction in cloud computing by Jaeger, Grimes, and Simmons, attempts to address some of these questions.  It also raised some that I had not considered such as the eco footprint of data centers.  The authors also talked about the Google Navy in which Google is debating using ships to host their data centers and the piracy of such data centers.  I now have this vision of Google in the middle of the ocean on a Captain Crunch style ship surrounded by VeggieTale Pirates.

Even after all of this, I am still using the cloud.


~ by jenymn on May 5, 2009.

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